Changing Your Vehicle's Air Filters

Your vehicle has two air filters, and each plays an important role. The engine air filter cleans the air for your vehicle's engine, while the cabin air filter cleans the air that you and your passengers breathe. They must be changed at least according to the manufacturer's schedule. However, the scheduled maintenance is timed for optimal conditions, so if you have driven under dusty conditions or through harsh winters and road salt, you may need to inspect and change them more frequently.

How To Fix Minor Scratches In A Car Window

Scratches on a window can be distracting to a driver and have the potential to impair the visibility of the person driving. Scratches can be caused by simply driving on a daily basis as the dirt and debris that is thrown into the air as a car drives by comes into contact with the windows. Fixing the scratches can be done with some simple items that you can pick up at a local hardware store or an auto body shop.

Hiss, Squeak! Changing Your Car's Serpentine Belt

You're driving down the road when you suddenly hear a loud squealing noise. In many cases, this means that your vehicle's serpentine belt has either rotted, cracked, or come loose. While your car might still be driving just fine, the serpentine belt is actually an integral part of how your motor works, and if it's bad it should be replaced as soon as possible. Rather than shell out a lot of money to the local mechanic, find out how you can change your belt out at home yourself.

Repairing Your Vintage Volkswagen Bug and How It Differs from More Recent Bug Models

When Volkswagen first put the Beetle, or Bug, car on the market in the sixties and seventies, German engineers put the engine in the trunk and the trunk where the engine was. Americans thought this a very strange thing to do, but responded positively to the little car nonetheless. With the presentation of the "Herbie, the Love Bug" movies, more Americans became interested, despite its unusual design. The one major problem with putting the engine in the trunk area of the car is that the engine was smaller and required frequent repairs.

Car Problems: Find Out If It's Your Throttle Body & Deal With It

The throttle body helps your vehicle control the amount of air that goes into your engine. That means that the throttle body is responsible for things like your speed, idling, and overall performance, so it can really affect you when it goes wrong. This guide will help you identify some symptoms and help you fix the problem. Symptoms Of A Dirty Throttle Body There are several signs of a dirty throttle body, and hopefully the following can help you confirm your issue: