Foggy Headlight? How To Bring Brightness Back After Oxidation Sets In

If you have noticed one of your vehicle's headlights do not appear as bright as the other when driving at night, and it looks glazed when observing it from outside your vehicle, it most likely has become oxidized from the ultraviolet rays of the sun shining upon the polycarbonate it is made from. Oxidation cloudiness can be remedied with a few household supplies and a bit of time if you do not wish to foot the expense for a new headlight.

Why Your Car Has Engine Problems After Being Washed

Every day, people across the country get their cars washed, and nothing bad happens. However, if you've ever had your car washed and then noticed that your engine is sluggish, making strange noises, or the check engine light comes on, you're not alone. Unfortunately, while most cars can safely go through car washes without a problem, there are times where your engine can be damaged by a car wash. This guide will explain what might be going on with your engine, and what you can do to fix the problem and prevent it in the future.

3 Winter Tips for Protecting Your Brakes

There are a lot of things to love about the winter season, but you probably already know that many things need more maintenance during this time of the year. For example, your car's brakes can be at a greater risk of wear and tear during the winter, and the last thing that you probably want to worry about when battling the snow and ice is dealing with faulty brakes. Here are a few tips to help you keep your brakes in good shape all winter long.

How To Touch Up Paint On Your Restored Porsche

Often the most challenging part of touching up the paint on a restored Porsche is finding the original paint color code. These tips will help you touch up the paint on your restored Porsche, starting with the task of finding the paint code. 1. Find the paint code. If you changed the color of your Porsche during your Porsche restoration, you should have the paint color number already available. If the car is still painted in the original color, you'll need to find the paint color code somewhere in the Porsche.

Sights, Smells And Sounds From Your Car That Point To Transmission Problems

A well-running car normally delivers a smooth ride with no annoying sounds. When you have a transmission problem, you may suddenly have a noisy car that drives rough. Here are some of the typical symptoms of a car that is in need of a transmission repair.  Hesitation Going Into Gear From a stop, if you put the car into gear and tap the accelerator, but it takes a few seconds to move, this may be the transmission.