Have An Extended Warranty On Your Car? Why You Should Take It Back To The Dealership For Repairs

When you purchase an automobile it usually comes complete with a warranty that is issued by the manufacturer. Although warranties are usually standard with new cars, you may still be able to get in on the coverage if you buy a used car that is still within the warrantied timeframe. As an extra form of protection, you might have opted to get an extended warranty that covers items not generally protected under the original warranty.

Does Your Vehicle's Fuel Injector Need Repair? Look For These Signs

The purpose of your fuel injector is to allow a specific amount of fuel to go into the engine for the combustion process. If this part becomes damaged, your engine will not get the fuel it needs in order for your vehicle to run properly. Here are some signs that you have a bad fuel injector that needs repair or replacement.  Fuel Leaks The fuel injector has several places where it can leak fuel.

Why Should You Never Ignore A Failing CV Axle?

Vehicle suspension and steering systems could be relatively simple if cars only drove down straight, perfectly flat roads. Unfortunately, real life rarely takes people in straight lines. Instead, manufacturers need to account for imperfect and curvy roads. CV (constant velocity) joints allow your engine to transmit rotational energy to the wheels, even as the wheels turn and bounce. Depending on your car's drive configuration, you may only have CV axles on the front or rear wheels.

What Happens When You Don't Align Your Tires

A tire alignment, or wheel alignment, ensures that your tires all point in the correct direction that aligns with how you're turning the steering wheel. The alignment also ensures that the tires sit properly with the tread against the road. This is one of those car maintenance tasks that's easy to forget until your mechanic tells you there's something wrong with your tires. Don't neglect this task because misaligned tires lead to a host of problems.

Wheel Alignment? Understanding Why You Might Need To Schedule This Type Of Service

In order for your car to travel in the direction you want it to go, all four wheels must be in proper alignment. If one or more of the tires have become misaligned, the car will become increasingly difficult to steer. If you would like to know more about wheel alignment, the following information will help you understand its importance and decide whether scheduling wheel alignment is something you should consider.